Hi there, I’m Kara and here is my life in a nutshell:

Follower of Jesus, wife to Brian, mom to Rhett and Bear, coffee lover, Nordstrom addict, fitness enthusiast, party planner novice, transplanted Texan living in Oklahoma blogging about our adventures as a family.

I started this blog to document our lives back when Brian and I were just married. After 6 years working for a local non-profit, I have quit my job to be a full time stay at home mom. This doesn’t mean that I’ll be drinking Dr. Pepper and eating cake pops all day, though. I’ll be posting about my workouts, recipes (the pinterest wins and the fails), DIY attempts, and, of course, adventures with my cute baby boy. I’ve learned a couple things here and there (like I don’t need to use 15 tags on every post) so thanks for bearing with me if you’ve read this blog for a while and welcome if you are new here.  I appreciate you reading!