Pregnancy Update

Well I honestly cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has gone compared to Rhett.  Time is flying by!  I’m 25 weeks now which means there are 15 weeks left.  Yikes! I am really needing to get my birth book back out and start mentally preparing for Brady boy to get here.  I am planning on another natural birth (Lord willing) so need to get prepared for all things labor & delivery.

I’m thankful to be having another boy as I’ll be able to reuse so many of Rhett’s things.  I decided to go with navy and white for Brady’s nursery as well since I’ll eventually put the boys in the same room which means I bought the same curtains, sheets, dresser (yes, exactly the same dresser since we found it on super sale haha).

This pregnancy has been really similar to Rhett’s as well.  I’m still working out 2-3 times a week and trying to walk on the days I don’t workout although this Oklahoma heat is killing me.  Whew, breathing is hard while pushing Rhett in a stroller and keeping up with Bear.  I haven’t had any weird cravings.. Ok well I’ve had some cravings (pink & white iced animal cookies, grape juice, cheeto puffs), but usually once I satisfy that craving, I’m good.  Like I finally gave into the Burger King craving I’ve had for a month (wasn’t worth it), but now I’m good.  No more BK lol!  I’ve been keeping better track of my weight gain with Brady so really need to lay off the random cravings in order to stick with a steady weight gain 😉 

Yes, my belly button popped at 12 weeks.. hello second pregnancy


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