Birthday Weekend Recap

Our little pumpkin turned ONE this weekend!  It seems like it wasn’t that long ago that we were bringing him home from the hospital.  Now he’s running around like a little boy and it’s just so crazy.

We celebrated his birthday with Nana & Pawpaw on Saturday so they could have some quality time with him.  His actual party is not for a couple weeks but they wanted him to open his presents from them closer to his actual birthday. Rhett is super in to the vacuum so when they asked what he wanted, we suggested a kid vacuum.  He loved it! Coupled with some pots and pans for stirring (he’s all about stirring these days) and he was in hog heaven.

Uncle Grant & Aunt Taylor came to visit him on his birthday 🙂

Sunday, we let him try birthday cake for the first time at our friend’s Super Bowl Party.  Safe to say he loved it!  Hopefully he will remember how much he likes it when I’m trying to get him to eat his smash cake at his party.

a little timid
this stuff is good!
this face says it all!


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