Friday Favorites

Seriously Friday just snuck right up on me! It’s time for Friday favorites here with Erika, Andrea, and Narci.

First off is this new book “Grace Not Perfection” by Emily Ley.  Normally, I gravitate towards mysteries or other fiction type books, but this one is so well written and easy to get in to.  I love the practicality of the tasks she gives you to do as well as the space to write it all down in the book itself.


We had a final girls night (sounds so ominous) with our friend Kristen before she left on her next assignment travel nursing.  She is off to Washington and we sure will miss her! But I’m jealous of all the delicious coffee she will be surrounded by in Seattle.


Play dates.. although they are never quite long enough, they sure are fun and we had three this week.  One with our cousin, another with some friends, and one with Rhett’s first girlfriend j/k 🙂

snack time for everyone
so our friends have a ball pit in their bathtub which is awesome!
4 sweet rowdy boys 🙂


Is it bad to tell a non favorite from this week on Friday Favorites?  A non favorite of mine is the fact that my child has been taking really short afternoon naps.. Super annoying. Clearly I need to consult my notes on sleep training again because this is not fun! Good thing this kid is pretty cute and makes up for it.

This sleeping picture was obviously during his morning nap..
blurry moving baby pic

That’s it for Friday Favorites! I get to go out to dinner with some of my girls tonight after we all get our babies down and man am I pumped for some spinach dip and chips 🙂 


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