Weekend Recap

This weekend was so nice to just relax and hang out with my little family.  Brian brought home burgers on Friday night from a quaint little place called Hatfield’s Hamburgers.  I have never been in person, but the burger was great! I want to go in next time and try the bbq.  Any hole in the wall that shows Andy Griffith during dinner is my kind of place.

Saturday we lounged around the house until after RBB’s first nap when we hit the gym together.  That evening I made homemade pizza (and forgot to take a pic) and we had some friends over for dinner. Did you know that you could make pizza dough in your Vitamix?  Me either, but it was super easy and turned out well.

We introduced Rhett to cow’s milk this weekend since he is almost one.  He liked it ok.  My kid doesn’t drink anything all that well still so he mostly played with the sippy cup.  Not exactly sure how to deal with that when it comes time to wean him..

Like I said, playing with his sippy cups..  If anyone has any tips, I’m all ears on how to get him to drink milk, water or even eat more in general.  He is just not super interested in it although I give him tons of opportunities to eat and drink.  

On Monday, Rhett and I both kind of came down with the sniffles so we are trying to fight off whatever this is.  Nobody’s got time for sickness around here!  That’s a wrap on our weekend.


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