Snaps from our weekend

Guys.. I’ve been so bad about posting lately.  I’m pretty much giving up on meal planning Monday.  Not that I’m not cooking still, but so many times my recipes are just normal.  I’ve decided to only post recipes that I really love and will definitely make again.

This weekend we did a whole lotta nothing, and I loved it!  Brian asked me what I wanted to do, and I suggested a family walk, but it rained so default next activity was a family nap. Rhett even went with the plan and mama got an hour nap! woohoo!

Thursday night we went to Oliveto with Todd & Scarlett.  We were so that table with two babies out past their bed times and making a hot mess with their food.  It was great fun though just being together.

don’t know when baby bird is gonna get sucking out of a straw, but for now it’s pretty funny to see his duck lips
This man has mad selfie skills getting 6 of us in this picture after dinner

Also, public service announcement about the pumpkin spice lattes: Starbucks sells the pumpkin syrup!!  I’ve tried other pumpkin syrup and have not been impressed, but this will be epic!  I “might” have purchased some and will let you know if it is as wonderful as it sounds to make PSLs at home and save my money.


My sweet friend Karis made my day on Friday by sending me this adorable mom shirt!  “Surviving motherhood on grace & coffee,” perfect for me! and it’s oh so soft too.

Friday night I made Southwestern stuffed sweet potatoes, and RBB gobbled them up. Just this week he has started to eat more “real food” which equals more laundry for this mama. Whew that boy can make a mess!

Saturday, we had Chloe’s birthday party, and I forgot to take pictures! Rhett loves Chloe because we see her at the gym a couple times a week. Both her and Taylor are so sweet to Rhett 🙂  We ended the night watching the Hogs game, and let’s not talk about that one.. It was a rough night for Brian.

Sunday was church and the arrival of cooler temps!  Praise the Lord, it felt like fall.  Ok well maybe I was dreaming it felt cooler than it really did.  But I did make white bean chicken chili since we had cooler temps!

We’ve missed these two!
clearly the fan was more interesting than his mom making funny noises to get his attention

Rhett’s latest thing that is so fun is when Bear or Brian comes in the room, he gets so excited and squeals and tries to fast crawl to me before they get him.  It’s so cute and funny at the same time.  I’m loving this age right now.  He has so much personality, and I love watching him grow into such a big boy.

ahh Bear is coming! Seriously, all my pics of these two are blurry since someone is always moving at this age.

More random pics of Rhett from this week:

new pooh bear from Nana & Papaw’s trip to Disneyworld
R fell asleep in the stroller on Thursday so we just kept on walking.. for 2 hours total haha
wolfing down his breakfast like a big boy
Bear love


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  1. Seriously…how precious are y’all!!!! I loved the selfie skills too! How is it possible to get 6 people in a picture and still get everyone in it???? GoGo Gadget arms for sure!! 🙂

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