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Recently, I won an Instagram contest for a free tee shirt from a college friend’s online boutique.  I was really excited because a) who doesn’t like to win? and b) her boutique is full of adorable mom shirts.

Loving this grey and gold pineapple tee

As a new sahm, let’s just say the “mom life” is in full gear at all times.  It is full of so much joy, but also comes with trials.  I was just telling Brian how I wished there was a handbook with all the right answers for parents.  I’m such a black and white rule follower, and it sure would be easier if the rule book told me when to put Rhett to bed, what to feed him, and why he all of a sudden hates bath time?

Erica’s goal with Honeybee Boutique is to encourage all moms in their every day life and let them know that what they are doing is important.  She likens moms to being like busy honeybees who work hard and change our children’s lives for the better.  Regardless of if you work outside of the home or inside the home daily, you are making a difference.  I love the quote that my pastor’s wife often says about how your greatest contribution in life may not be something you do, but someone you raise.  It sure helps to remember that during the days when you are cleaning food out of the babies hair, spilled coffee out of the carpet, and wrangling your baby like an alligator just to change a diaper.  Oh wait, was that just my day? haha

Erica has graciously given my readers a code to get 15% off any shirt from her boutique until October 1st.  I’m definitely eyeing the “Mom Life” tee myself!  Use the code “BEAMING” at checkout to take advantage of this offer.  You are doing a great job, mamas. Keep it up!



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