Snaps from our weekend

Friday started off a very chill weekend for us, and I loved it!  It was National Dog Day so of course I took some pics of Rhett with his dog.

Photo Aug 26, 5 44 37 PM

Photo Aug 26, 5 53 30 PM

Photo Aug 26, 5 57 00 PM

Rhett tried spaghetti for the first time, but he wasn’t a fan.  Brian and I have been watching Making a Murderer on Netflix, so that has pretty much consumed our evenings.

Saturday, I made “real” breakfast for Brian and baby and then we went for donuts! We aren’t giving Rhett sugar yet, but I am excited for when he can enjoy donuts with me 🙂

Photo Aug 27, 10 48 04 AM

For the first time this week, I hit the gym *cue the Hallelujah chorus* before hanging out with some girlfriends where we ate pizza & ice cream.  So basically I negated that workout, but we had a great time together.

Photo Aug 27, 2 33 28 PM

Photo Aug 27, 8 47 24 PM

Sunday after church, I met up with some friends at Utica Square for some shopping and much needed girl time.  We hit up Kendra Scott for a party that Scarlett won so we all got 15% off our purchase (woohoo!) and then walked around some of the other shops too.

Photo Aug 28, 2 11 00 PM

Photo Aug 28, 2 57 03 PM

Photo Aug 28, 3 21 20 PM

Photo Aug 28, 5 02 08 PM
Couldn’t say no to this anthro mug that was on sale or the fall candle I got for $9

Brian and Rhett had some man time, and I came home to a sleeping baby.  Yay!  I cooked dinner before hitting up Andy’s for a key lime pie custard and then finished the Making of a Murderer.  Gotta say I didn’t love the ending.. I think I was hoping for a different outcome.

Photo Aug 28, 8 01 03 PM
Rhett’s first firetruck siting.. yes, I made them pose for this pic
Photo Aug 28, 10 40 33 PM
I wonder how much longer he will be content with just a spoon?


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