Workout Wednesday

What day is it again?? oh yes, Wednesday, where I’m supposed to have a workout post. Well here’s the truth about that.  My baby has been sick and I’ve been fighting something too.  Oh and the direct tv people have been at my house the past two mornings for hours trying to get our system back up and running.  Thanks to Jim for getting it going today at noon after 4 hours!  Bless his heart, he replaced/repaired just about everything.

So I’ve worn workout clothes the past three days and haven’t worked out once.  I did go for a walk on Monday, but seriously I need to get my gym act together.  And just because I’m being honest, here is me in my gym clothes in front of the toilet that needs to be cleaned and has been on my to do list all week.  Eeek!! Don’t mind the flannel shirt either, that is just me imagining it’s cold out there and I might need a jacket haha

Photo Aug 24, 1 12 01 PM

And with that note, I’m off to clean toilets before RBB wakes up from his nap!  Happy Wednesday folks!  I hope you are exercising more than me this week.

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