Snaps from our weekend

Friday night we attended a party for our friend Paul’s 31st birthday.  His mother in law makes the BEST chicken enchiladas so I definitely chowed down on those.  I really need to get that recipe!  Rhett decided he didn’t want to nap on Friday and we had a rough night the night before so mama needed some enchiladas and time with her friends.  Side note, my baby is definitely regressing on sleep lately.  Could be allergies, could be teething, but coffee is my best friend right now.

Saturday, Brian let me sleep in (thanks babe!) before his parents came up to visit.  We ran around town with them before ending our evening at Charlestons and Andy’s.

Photo Aug 20, 12 24 37 PM

Photo Aug 20, 1 36 19 PM
If you are in Tulsa, you need to go to Burn Co! It’s the best bbq and mac & cheese ever!
Photo Aug 20, 7 09 29 PM
Papaw was letting Rhett stick his fingers in his drink..

Photo Aug 20, 7 15 25 PM

Photo Aug 20, 7 58 35 PM
Family photo outside Andy’s

Photo Aug 20, 8 15 00 PM

Photo Aug 20, 8 23 46 PM

Sunday, I cooked brunch after church and we just chilled until our friends came over for dinner that night.  I’m ashamed to admit that we might have gone went to Andy’s again Sunday night.

Photo Aug 22, 12 55 41 PM
peeking at dad
Photo Aug 21, 9 23 05 AM
everybody loves a sleeping baby, but mostly mom

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