Workout Wednesday

This week has been a little off in the working out department so far.  Couple that with eating whatever I wanted this weekend aka carbs, and I am a bit scared to get on the scale. Let’s just not do that, k?  My folks were in town so we ate high on the hog, both at home and out to eat.

On to the workout!

Start with 10- 15 minutes on the stair climber to get your blood flowing.
Assisted pull-ups 3 sets of 10-12 superset with TRX lat pulls
We moved to machines next and did flies and chest press on the machines with heavy weight (3 sets of 10-12)
Next, we did the abductor and inductor machines (3 sets of 15 each with heavy weights)
Finish with Russian twists with a medicine ball and stretching out

This was a shorter workout than normal for us, but it was something!  Goal is still gym at least two times a week (shooting for three times) and then walking, so being active for four days of the week.

Photo Aug 17, 9 27 55 AM


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