Weekend Shenanigans

My parents came up this weekend for a short fishing trip to Arkansas. The boys set out bright and early on Saturday morning for Beaver Lake.  When I say early, I mean 2:30 am to get on the water by 5:30 am.  Way too early for this, mama!

My mom and I enjoyed coffee on the patio at a normal waking hour and then met my brother’s girlfriend to shop for a bit. The fishermen were triumphant and caught 135 lbs of striped bass.  I guess the early bird does get the worm. And on that note, does anyone want any fish??

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Photo Aug 13, 7 44 38 AM

Photo Aug 13, 7 45 39 AM

Dad & I had the joyous job of re-packaging 135 lbs of fish to go in the freezer.  Bear was just waiting for a morsel to drop.  My mom prepared a fish feast on Saturday night for everyone, and it felt like we were back in Florida on vacation.

Photo Aug 13, 3 39 52 PM

2016-08-13 07.06.58

2016-08-13 07.08.16
can you tell I don’t love fish?

Dede worked with Rhett all weekend on crawling, and he almost has it down.  Give him a week, and he will be crawling all over this house.  He also discovered that he could stand up in his crib on Saturday.  Lord help us, I’m not ready for that!

Photo Aug 14, 1 54 54 PM

Photo Aug 12, 1 53 03 PM
This boy has already learned how much fun shopping can be
Hes so proud of himself
He’s so proud of himself

Photo Aug 14, 9 34 08 AM (1)

After a nap on Sunday, we drove to Arkansas to attend a funeral the next day. Rhett does not love the car seat so we planned to go close to bed time, but he screamed any way. Apparently, he gets that from me.. oops.

post nap happiness
post nap happiness
2016-08-14 23.55.39
Nana and her pretty flowers

2016-08-14 23.56.28

2016-08-14 23.58.09

It was so nice to see both sides of the family this weekend, but due to Rhett HATING the car seat, I don’t see us traveling anywhere soon in the distant future..

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