Workout Wednesday

It’s that time again, accountability time.  I must admit I didn’t go to the gym on Monday, but I did do some baby weighted workouts at home.  Rhett LOVES them!  And since he doesn’t tend to spit up a ton, he does great with being hoisted in the air for shoulder presses, squat presses, etc.

Tuesday worked out, Wednesday worked out, and I’m shooting for Thursday too!

Started with 15 minutes of cardio to get the heart rate up then moved to single leg dumbbell Romanian dead lifts (3 sets of 12).  These work balance, lower back, legs, booty aka are so good for you.

Next, we did a kettlebell circuit. Thanks Pinterest for the inspiration.
-kettlebell squats (hold kb high against your chest)
-2 arm kettlebell rows
-kettlebell swings
-Russian twists with the kettlebell

My partner and I both used a 15lb kettlebell and switched to 12 lb dumbbells for the the 2 arm rows because they were easier to handle.  Shoot for 3 sets of 12.  We actually pushed for 15 on the last set.  Ahh the benefits of working out with a partner!

Finish with butt bridges (normal and single leg extended).  I love those obviously since I do them every workout!

Photo Aug 09, 9 27 28 AM

Side note, I’ve never loved New Balance shoes mostly because I equate them to older folks aka my dad always bought the basic white and navy ones from Bass Pro (hi dad if you’re reading this).  But my chiropractor suggested the NB minimus for better squatting form etc since they do not have a large sole height.  Gotta say I love them!  I have flat feet and these babies work well for me.  So much so that I now have 3 pairs!

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