Workout Wednesday

So far this has been a pretty normal workout week around here.  Gym on Monday, light exercise Tuesday, gym again Wednesday, walking tomorrow, and should hit the gym once more on Friday! My workout partner will be gone on Friday so not sure what time we will make it to the gym, but it is in the plans!

Today we hit the stair master for some booty work.  I hate that machine.. If you want to make it harder, kick your leg back each step (like a donkey kick) to really work your booty, but don’t accidentally kick anyone who might be walking behind you.  I speak from experience here, that it is quiet awkward to say sorry for kicking you as you were walking in the gym!

After that we did some cable work and legs before butt bridges. I’m really into those right now.

10 minutes stair master
Cable flys low super set with tricep pull downs (3 sets of 12)
Lat pull downs super set with rowing machine (3 sets of 10 heavy weights)
Seated leg curls super set with leg extension machine (3 sets of 12)- on these two exercises, I pause at the top (for the leg extension) and the bottom (for the leg curls) to really feel the burn!
Finish with butt bridges and stretching out

Pausing at the top to make these harder
Pausing at the top to make these harder

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