Let Him Eat..

No, not cake.. it’s not his first birthday yet. This past week we started Rhett on some solid food.  And by solid, I mean homemade pureed food that he has hardly touched.  I made sweet potatoes, carrots, and apple sauce and little guy doesn’t seem to get it yet.  Not sure if it’s normal, but he just kind of plays with the food in his mouth or even spits it out. Spitting is his newest trick, and he loves to do it.

Photo Jul 21, 7 08 19 PM

Photo Jul 21, 7 16 32 PM

The best part about trying food for Rhett is that Bear is waiting to catch morsels that fall on the floor. That boy LOVES his Bear dog! It’s pretty distracting though when we are trying to get him to eat and he can’t focus because Bear is so close.

Photo Jul 25, 11 31 02 AM

The one thing he has really taken to are those teething wafers.  Brian thinks it is because he can feed himself.  I’m not brave enough to let him feed himself carrots or sweet potatoes.  He flings that spoon and before you know it, I have carrot covered cabinets.  No, thank you..

Photo Jul 21, 9 59 14 AM

Hopefully, he starts to enjoy eating real food better.  I’m also trying to give him little morsels of my food if it is soft enough.  He actually swallowed more food than ever when I was giving him some bread off my sandwich yesterday.  Perhaps, he’s just not into typical baby food.

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