So I have been a total slacker when it comes to this blog and decided to go back and document his month by month info in hopes that I can keep it up!

Rhett’s first month was kind of a blur honestly.  With healing from a natural delivery to not sleeping a ton to traveling to Texas at two weeks, we were busy Beams! 
Personality: My little man is proving to take after his daddy and is such a chill baby.  He only cries when hungry or wet.  He does not like to be a “wet Rhett” as I call him.  Still not recognizing mom or dad at this point, but sure loves to be snuggled up on us.  

Photo Feb 10, 8 10 59 PM

Photo Mar 04, 2 46 19 PM

Weight: Rhett was 8 lbs 7 oz when he was born and 8 lbs 2 oz when he left the hospital.  We had his first doctors appointment at our house two days later and he was already back to 8 lbs 10 oz!  He is a good eater.

Clothes: This boy is long!  He was in newborn clothes for maybe two weeks and then unfortunately we had to go up to three months.  Talk about crazy tall!  We definitely have the three month clothes too though thanks to friends and a haul my sister found on a buy, sell, trade site.  Thank you Kate!

Diaper size: We were mostly able to use all the newborn diapers we had before switching him to size ones around 4 weeks.

Bottle: At the recommendation of a friend who is a L&D nurse, we gave Rhett a bottle at 2 weeks. She said anywhere from 2-4 weeks is when you should start.  He took the bottle fine but didn’t love it. We also started him on baby probiotics in the bottle after a couple nights of bad gas.  Holy moly probiotics are the best for upset tummies!  And colic calm helps too.

Sleep: The first 2 weeks were kind of rough.  He would wake up and nurse about every 2-3 hours. I finally got to where I would start an old movie and watch it as we woke up to feed.  It made the nights seem less lonely as I was sleeping on the couch with him in the rock & play or swing.  After our Texas trip at 2 weeks, I moved back into our room and kept Rhett next to the bed in the rock & play.

Photo Feb 09, 12 30 34 PM

Photo Mar 01, 9 55 24 AM

Photo Mar 05, 10 08 09 PM

It is still quite amazing to me to love someone as much as we love Rhett.  I guess I never fathomed loving him so much that I would do anything for that kid.  It really puts it into perspective of how much God loves us that he gave up His son to die for us.

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