Arkansas Baby Shower

This past weekend we were so spoiled by Brian’s family with a gorgeous shower for Rhett.  The food alone was simply amazing!!  I could go for some of my mother in law’s breakfast casserole right now. Honestly, the pictures won’t even do it justice, but we just felt so loved and received some adorable things.

My sister in law, Lindsey who helped host this beautiful shower

the amazing food!  seriously I’m hungry again looking at it all

love these precious little cookies with his name on them!

Brian’s grandma recently passed in September, but she had started this little quilt for us before her death.  Brian’s great aunt finished it out at Nana’s request for Rhett.  It was so touching that she thought of making our baby something.

Sharon puts the most beautiful baskets together for presents and this one had so many adorable things in it!
and no, Brian and I did not mean to match!

This quilt is so beautiful! I’m scared to even let Rhett use it because it is so nice!! 

The other sweet quilt from Brian’s Nana

Gorgeous!! and all handmade by Sharon!  She is so talented

I loved this sweet little fox outfit and shoes from Brian’s aunt
This little boy is so loved already!  We got to put all his presents away on Sunday, and the nursery is looking so good!  It’s been so fun to decorate and prepare for his arrival in a couple of months.. I guess you could say I’m in the “nesting” stage 🙂

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