Brian’s 30th Par-Tee

First off, go me for finally updating the blog!  In all the busy-ness of life, this blog gets pushed to the back burner.  So even though I started this post almost 3 weeks ago, I finally finished it!

A couple weekends ago we celebrated Brian’s 30th birthday.  As golf is one of his favorite hobbies, I went with that theme.  Plus pinterest is full of ideas for a golf themed par-tee.  Unfortunately, I never take as many pictures as I should since I’m playing hostess.

Welcome to the Par-Tee!

My friend Karis made me some adorable printables for the Par-Tee

Don’t mind the fact that my Bogie Hoagies were actually sandwiches.  Whoops!  I ordered the wrong thing.

Orange Wedges and Ryder Cup-Cakes
Love my handsome 30 year old!

Unfortunately I took this picture before the dip of the night showed up and was devoured.
My friend Katherine makes a killer corn dip that I request for every party!  It’s so yum!

Candid shot 😉  Don’t mind the random donut cake left over from Hadley’s Donut birthday party that morning.

The boys played Can Jam outside

Birthday boy!

It was a very good day

Some of my golfer girls

We also played a putting game down our hall.  Katherine whooped us all!

It was a great evening celebrating my favorite person’s 30th birthday!  I’m so proud of this man and all he has done so far.  I know God has big things in store for him in the upcoming years, and I’m grateful to be by his side for the journey.  

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