Lazy Summer

What is it about summer that is making me lazy?  I haven’t wanted to do much of anything.  We were super busy the first part of the summer, and now I’m more than happy to have nothing on the schedule.  Even cooking seems like such a large task so forget about updating the blog like I should.  I just want to lay by the pool and listen to Eric Church while soaking up some rays.  That is exactly what I plan on doing with Steph this weekend 🙂

Speaking of lazy, here is what went down this past week/weekend:

Brett came in to town Wednesday night to pack up and move to Denver permanently.  We are so proud of him and this new opportunity he has in his job.  Naturally, we hit the gym together and then Genghis Grill since Denver doesn’t have Genghis.

Thursday night we hit the gym again then Charlestons for a late dinner.  We will miss that guy!

Brett did leave us a bag and a half of frozen tilapia that wouldn’t have made the 12 hour drive very well so Brian and I are putting it to good use.  Ignore that cheese on the broccoli and this would be a clean meal 🙂

Breakfast in bed on Sunday morning for no reason thanks to Brian

I’m all over these summer fruits that are in season

Monday night I got to snuggle with this baby girl.  I fed her a bottle, burped her, and got her to sleep. 
I was pretty proud 🙂

Smiling baby girl

So that is my random post for the day 🙂  Not too much going on around here…

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