Weekend Recap

Yes, I know its Wednesday and this post should have been made more like on a Monday or Tuesday.. Oh well.. 

This weekend was crazy busy for us, but I thoroughly enjoyed it!  Friday night after work, we hustled to Scarlett’s apartment to move her to her new house (she lives with a couple who just bought their first home) which just happens to be on our street!  Seriously, I could not be more excited to have her so close!  Cue late night hangouts and working out together 🙂

Saturday, promptly at 7:45 am, we were at our concealed carry class.  It was early squirrely but so worth it.  I loved the class and highly recommend Guardian Shooting Solutions if you are looking to carry in the Tulsa area.  Jeremiah is a NRA certified instructor and very knowledgeable about all things guns and self defense.  Not to mention, you wouldn’t want to mess with him!  The class lasted all day, and I feel like I absorbed so much from Jeremiah’s instruction.  In fact, I met a girl friend at the class, and we both signed up for another class, Personal Protection: Effective Threat Management.  I can’t wait!  I’m becoming a woman obsessed… I just need to decide on the proper gun now!

See those holes in the head?  They were rapid fire, and I’m proud of them 🙂

After our concealed carry class and a quick workout we met Paul and Elissa for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory then hit a late night movie.  Home Run is an inspirational Christian film that showcases the freedom and hope offered by Jesus Christ.  It was produced by local Tulsan, Tom Newman and Impact Productions (who also did Toymaker’s Dream which I grew up watching at my grandparents).  I’m all about supporting a good cause, and Home Run was filmed in Oklahoma and we even knew some of the people in the movie!

P & E

I am aware that my shoulders look very broad in this picture. 
It’s from the lifting, and I don’t mind it.  See picture below:

Sunday morning, this obsessed woman hit Walmart at 7 am to buy ammo.  Thankfully, Brian was sweet enough to come with me so I was able to get 6 boxes!  Since we were up so early, I decided to make protein pancakes to thank Brian for getting ammo with me.  I’ll definitely post the recipe since I finally found a recipe that would be more suitable for feeding a family rather than the typical makes 3 pancakes recipes.

Yes, I was learning from my new gun friends

Such good pancakes served with light syrup

After church we hit the dog park to wear Bear out a bit then back to church for Big Team which thanked all the current volunteers and encouraged people to sign up for a team at church.  And I decided to come home and make kale chips after church.  They were so good!! I was shocked, really.  They tasted a bit like my mom’s homemade popcorn with the oil and salt mixture so I ate half the pan that night.

Happy Bear

Before cooking the kale chips.. After cooking they shrink so much

It was a wonderfully busy weekend, but I definitely have bags under my eyes from lack of sleep! 

Happy Wednesday peeps!

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