St. Patrick’s Day Decor

This weekend Brian and I returned to my hometown for a friend’s wedding.  I was in the wedding and didn’t get a chance to take any pictures at all, sadly. The bride looked beautiful and everything came together in the end.  I felt honored to be a part of her special day. 

We drove back home on Sunday afternoon, and I decided when we got back that it was time to take down all my Valentine’s Day decor and put up St. Patrick’s Day. I love to decorate for holidays!  But, I should have thought about a) the lack of sleep I got this weekend from wedding activities and b) how long it would take to put Valentine’s away and St. Patrick’s Day all up.  Here are some pictures of the after:

In addition to taking all my decorations down, I also decided to bake some banana bread as I had some bananas that were quickly going bad.  It was a busy night for me!

I used a recipe from my Fannie Farmer Cookbook that my mom got me for my wedding, but I was disappointed in the lack of moisture in the banana bread.  Maybe that is typical of banana bread in general.  I guess I will have to try another recipe to find out!

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